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Written Shiurim

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Title (Lang ) Writer Category
Text Shiur On Eagles' Wings (English) Ariel Barnehama (SFW '09) Parshat Shavua > Yitro
Text Shiur Natural Miracles (English) Shevy Goldman (SFW '09) and Naomi Cohen (SFW '09) Parshat Shavua > Beshalach
Text Shiur Tuma and Tahara (English) Sarah Nattel (SFW '09) Parshat Shavua > Bo
Text Shiur Lean On Me (English) Debra Strashun (SFW '09) Parshat Shavua > Vaera
Text Shiur "And I will Harden Pharoh's Heart" (English) Rebecca Eichenbaum (SFW 09) Parshat Shavua > Vaera
Text Shiur The Midwives (English) Melissa Papir (SFW '09) Parshat Shavua > Shmot
Text Shiur Positive Environments (English) Talia Rona (SFW 09) Parshat Shavua > Vayechi
Text Shiur Expediting the Geula (English) Haviva Garrett (SFW '09) Parshat Shavua > Vayigash
Text Shiur Dreams or Reality? (English) Meirah Freiden (SFW '09) Parshat Shavua > Miketz
Text Shiur Dreaming in the Future (English) Gabriella Lebrecht (SFW '09) Parshat Shavua > Vayeshev
Text Shiur The Z'chut of Eretz Yisrael (English) Dani Herszfeld (SFW '09) Parshat Shavua > Vayishlach
Text Shiur Yaakov and Leah (English) Naomi Cohen ('SFW 09) Parshat Shavua > Vayetze
Text Shiur Yitzchak's Love for Eisav (English) Devorah Teitelbaum (SFW '09) Parshat Shavua > Toldot
Text Shiur Learning from Eliezer (English) Leora Bellman (SFW '09) Parshat Shavua > Chayei Sarah
Text Shiur Avraham's Tests (English) Rena Delman (SFW '09) Parshat Shavua > Vayera
Text Shiur What's in a Name? (English) Leora Hefter (SFW '09) Parshat Shavua > Lech Lecha
Text Shiur Noach: Walking with Hashem (English) Ayelet Chovev (SFW '09) Parshat Shavua > Noach
Text Shiur Walking in the Ways of Hashem (English) Rachelli Cohney (SFW '08, '09) Parshat Shavua > Vayelech
Text Shiur Sin and Anger (English) Elianna Pollak (SFW '09) Parshat Shavua > Nitzavim
Text Shiur The Mitzva of Bikkurim (English) Alexis Levy (SFW '08, '09) Parshat Shavua > Ki Tavo