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Written Shiurim

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Title (Lang ) Writer Category
Text Shiur Yom Kippur (English) Koreen Rosenfeld, SFW 5766 Chagim > Yamim Noraim
Text Shiur Parshat Ki Tavo (English) Esty Rollhaus, SFW 5767 Parshat Shavua > Ki Tavo
Text Shiur Parshat Ki Teitze (English) Miriam Englander, SFW 5766 Parshat Shavua > Ki Tetze
Text Shiur Parshat Va’era (English) Ayelet Mael, SFW ’04-‘05 Parshat Shavua > Vaera
Text Shiur Parshat Shemot (English) Jaimie Fogel, SFW '04-'05 Parshat Shavua > Shmot
Text Shiur Parshat Chayei Sarah (English) Esti Levy, SFW ’05-‘06 Parshat Shavua > Chayei Sarah
Text Shiur Parshat Bereishit (English) Ayelet Mael (SFW ‘04-‘05) Parshat Shavua > Breishit
Text Shiur Chag HaSukkot (English) Jaimie Fogel, SFW ’04-‘05 Chagim > Sukkot
Text Shiur Parshat Ha’azinu- The Weekly Lesson in Faith (English) Leora Bernstein, SFW ’04-‘05 Parshat Shavua > Haazinu
Text Shiur Parshat Netzvaim-Vayelech (English) Dina Jackson, SFW ’04-‘05 Parshat Shavua > Nitzavim
Parshat Shavua > Vayelech
Text Shiur Parshat Ki Teitze (English) Mrs. Avital Levy Parshat Shavua > Ki Tetze
Text Shiur Parshat Shoftim (English) Sari Gelernter, SFW ’05-‘06 Parshat Shavua > Shoftim
Text Shiur Parshat Re’eh (English) Chavi Barr, SFW ’04-‘05 Parshat Shavua > Reei
Text Shiur Parshat Eikev (English) Esti Levy Parshat Shavua > Eikev
Text Shiur Parshat VaEtchanan (English) Chani Schonbrun, SFW ’04-‘05 Parshat Shavua > Vaetchanan
Text Shiur Parshat Balak (English) Miri Saphire-Bernstein, SFW ’04-’05, ’05-‘06 Parshat Shavua > Balak
Text Shiur Parshat Shelach (English) Bracha Frankel, SFW ’04-‘05 Parshat Shavua > Shlach Lecha
Text Shiur Parshat Beha'alotcha (English) Tobie Harris, SFW ’04-‘05 Parshat Shavua > Behaalotcha
Text Shiur Parshat Naso (English) Chavi Barr, SFW ’04-‘05 Parshat Shavua > Naso
Text Shiur Yerushalayim Shel Ma’alah and Yerushalayim Shel Matah (English) Mrs. Avital Levy Chagim > Yom Yerushalayim