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Written Shiurim

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Title (Lang ) Writer Category
Text Shiur Brit Shalom (English) Alexis Levy (SFW '08, 09) Parshat Shavua > Pinchas
Text Shiur The Meaning of a “Chok” (English) Sarah Jacob (SFW ’08) and Malkie Ziegler (SFW ’08) Parshat Shavua > Chukat
Text Shiur The Mitzvot of Tzizit and Mezuzah (English) Judy Bernstein (SFW ‘08) and Dassi Shulman (SFW ‘08) Parshat Shavua > Korach
Text Shiur The Choice of the Nazir (English) Alexis Levy ('08) Parshat Shavua > Naso
Text Shiur Yerushalayim and the Shvatim (English) Harav Assaf Bednarsh (summarized by Jessica Blank, '08) Chagim > Yom Yerushalayim
Text Shiur Messages from the Counting (English) Jessica Bruder ('08) Parshat Shavua > Bamidbar
Text Shiur The Juxtaposition of the Tochacha and Arachin (English) Sarah Schwartz (SFW '08) Parshat Shavua > Bechukotai
Text Shiur A Fitting End to Sefer Vayikra (English) Parshat Shavua > Bechukotai
Text Shiur Is There One Way to Think About Yom Ha'atzmaut? (English) Rav Yechezkel Yakovson Chagim > Yom Ha'atzma'ut
Text Shiur The Mitzvot at the End of the Parsha (English) Parshat Shavua > Behar
Text Shiur Shmitta and Har Sinai (English) Rachel Fox (SFW '08) Parshat Shavua > Behar
Text Shiur The Ner Tamid and the Shulchan in Emor (English) Parshat Shavua > Emor
Text Shiur Be Holy (English) Parshat Shavua > Kedoshim
Text Shiur Why Here? Why Now? (English) Adena Muskin (08) Parshat Shavua > Acharei Mot
Text Shiur Nadav & Avihu - Why Not Here? (English) Parshat Shavua > Metzora
Text Shiur Nigei Batim (English) Alexis Levy ('08) Parshat Shavua > Metzora
Text Shiur Parashat HaChodesh (English) Rav Yechezkel Yakovson Chagim > Other
Text Shiur The Roots of Lashon Hara (English) Sarah Hirsch ('08) Parshat Shavua > Tazria
Text Shiur Nadav & Aviyhu: What Did They Do Wrong? - Compiled by Adena Muskin (SFW 08) (English) Parshat Shavua > Shmini
Text Shiur The Real Sin of Nadav and Avihu (English) Denise Zami (SFW 08) Parshat Shavua > Shmini