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Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar 2018/19 - 5779

Date: Event:
Thurs. Aug. 9th /28 Av Arrival
Fri./Shabbat Aug. 10th & 11th Tiyul to Yerushalayim/Orientation Shabbat
Friday/Shabbat  Aug. 31 & Sept . 1st Tiyul and Shabbaton Beit Meir
Mon. Tuesday Sept. 10th & 11th  Rosh Hashanah
Monday Night Sept. 17th Moty Hornstein a”h Memorial Lecture
Wed. Sept. 19th Yom Kippur
Mon. & Tues. Oct. 1st  & 2nd  Shmini Atzeret/Simchat Torah
Sun. & Mon. Oct. 7th & 8th    Tiyul to the Golan
Wed. Oct. 10th /1 Cheshvan First Day of Winter Zman

Nov. 9th and 10th - Parshat Toldot

Beit El Shabbaton (Tiyul Friday)
Thursday Dec. 6th Discovery Seminar at Aish HaTorah
Thur. Dec. 6th – Sunday Dec. 9th   Chanuka Break
Monday Dec. 10th Regular Schedule Resumes
Shabbat Jan. 12th Alumni Shabbat at Sha’alvim
Shabbat March 2nd Naveh Shabbaton (Tiyul Friday)
Friday March 15th Yad Vashem
Thursday March 21st  Purim
Thursday April 4th Last Day of Winter Zman
Shabbat April 6th Rosh Chodesh Nissan
Sunday April 7th – Sun. April 14th Yizkerem Yeshiva Trip to Poland
Monday May 6th /1 Iyar First Day of Summer Zman
Thursday May 9th Yom Ha’atzmaut Hike to Kotel
May 31st/June 1st  Tzfat Tiyul and Shabbaton
Sunday June 2nd Yom Yerushalayim
Sun. June 9th  & Monday June 10th Shavuot
Sunday June 16th Last Day of Shiur and Banquet


Yeshivat Sha’alvim  Academic Calendar 2019/20 - 5780

Event Date
Arrival in Israel Thursday Aug. 29, 2019
First Tiyul - Yerushalayim Upon Arrival Friday Aug. 30
Orientation שבת Aug. 31
Tiyul and Shabbaton Yerucham Friday/Shabbat Sept. 20/21
Start of Selichot Motzei Shabbat Sept.21
Rosh Hashana Monday and Tuesday Sept. 30/Oct. 1st
Yom Kippur Wednesday Oct. 9th
First Day Sukkot Monday Oct. 14th
Shmini Atzeret/Simchat Torah Monday/Tuesday Oct. 21 & 22
Tiyul to the Golan Sunday & Monday Oct. 27/28
First Day of Winter Zman Wednesday Oct. 30th
Tiyul and Shabbaton Beit El Nov. 29/30
Chanuka Dec. 23 - Dec. 30th
Aish HaTorah Discovery Seminar Thursday Dec. 26th
Chanukah Break Friday Dec. 27th - Sunday Dec. 29th
Regular Schedule and Yeshiva Resumes Monday Dec. 30th
Naveh Shabbaton Feb. 22nd
Yad Vashem Friday March 6th
Purim Tuesday March 10th
Last Day of Winter Zman Wed. March 25th
Trip to Poland Thursday March 26th - Wednesday April 1st
Pesach Thursday April 9th - Thursday April 16th
First Day of Summer Zman Thursday April 23rd
Yom Ha’atzmaut Hike to the Kotel Wed. April 29th
Tzfat Tiyul and Shabbaton Friday/Shabbat May 15th & 16th
Yom Yerushalyim Thursday May 21st
Shavuot Friday/Shabbat May 29th and 30th
Last Day of Year and Banquet Wednesday June 16, 2020

Please note that the dates of some events may change over the course of the year.