Academic Calendar

SFW Class of 5778

The following is a list of major academic events and their dates for the coming year.

It is possible that circumstances beyond our control will force us to change some date(s). We will do our best to avoid changes, but, if we have to, we will notify you via email.

We respectfully request to please keep these dates in mind as you plan your visits next year so that your daughter can fully participate in everything that Sha’alvim has to offer.

Remember: these are just the “highlights.” Much more awaits us next year!!


Welcome to SFW!/Arrive in Israel           Tue 8/29/17

Shabbat at SFW                                       Shabbat 9/1/17

Rosh Hashana at Yeshivat Sha’alvim                          Thurs 9/21/17 - Shabbat 9/23/17

Yom Kippur at Yeshivat Sha’alvim    Shabbat 9/30/17

Bein Hazmanim (Sukkot Vacation)Sun 10/1/17 - Sun 10/15/17
PLEASE NOTE: Bein Hazmanim begins Mon 10/2 in the afternoon and shiurim resume Mon morning, 10/16.

Shabbaton with SFW                        Shabbat 10/20/17

Tiyul to the North                 Tue-Thu 10/31 – 11/2/17

Shabbaton with SFW                          Shabbat 11/17/17

Chanukah Break         Thurs 12/14/17 – Sun 12/17/17
PLEASE NOTE: In addition to the above break, we will have iy”H incredible, special events - and some regular shiurim - over Chanukah.
Shiurim resume Mon, 12/18/17

Shabbaton with SFW                          Shabbat 12/22/17

Between-Semester Break               Sun-Mon, 1/7-8/18

Shabbaton with SFW                            Shabbat 1/12/18

Tiyul to the South                             Tue-Thu 2/6-8/18

Shabbaton with SFW                              Shabbat 2/9/18

Shabbaton with SFW                            Shabbat 3/10/18

SFW Journey to Poland                     3/14/18 – 3/21/18
More information and details about SFW’s unique journey to Poland - run and staffed entirely by SFW teachers - will be sent in a few weeks G-d willing. The cost is not included in tuition however we do everything we can to help you join us if you would like. (Last year our trip cost approximately $700 less than many other schools’ trips to Poland.) It is optional.

Pesach Vacation              Wed 3/14/18 - Tues 4/10/18
PLEASE NOTE: “Bein Hazamanim” begins on Wed 3/14 in the morning and ends on Tuesday night, 4/10 with classes resuming in the morning Wed 4/11.

Shabbaton with SFW                            Shabbat 4/13/18

Shavuot at SFW                      Shabbat-Mon 5/18-21/18

Shabbaton with SFW                              Shabbat 6/9/18

Mesibat Siyum (at night)                      Sunday 6/10/18
PLEASE NOTE: The mesibat siyum is expected to end very, very late that night; or, should we say, early on the 11th. No flights should be scheduled before Monday, June 11th in the afternoon.
Dorm Closes (at Noon)                           Thurs 6/14/18