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Orange, Blue & White

By: Rav Moshe Ganz

True Recognition

A derasha from Rav Moshe Ganz, ram in Yeshivat Sha'alvim, concerning the observance of Yom Ha'Atzmaut in post- expulsion times.

What is the meaning that we were dreaming when Hashem returned us to Zion (beshuv Hashem et shivat tzion hayenu kecholmim)? Rav Druckman comments that it is comparable to a student who was awake in a lesson (shiur) but did not understand at all. Similarly, people may live during the time of the redemption but remain oblivious to what is actually transpiring.

I want to continue the analogy. A student is in a shiur where Rabi Akiva Eiger and the Ketzot are mentioned. He noticed the flies on the table. Everyone else focused on an "esoteric" lesson, while he noticed the actual flies. Indeed, the flies are a nuisance. You are wrong, dear student. The shiur is by us; the flies are by you. Indeed, Hashem is redeeming His People; yes there are flies, but they do not prevent the Divine process.

Actually, the flies are more severe than in the parable. Olmert is not a fly. Yes, we must improve the situation, but on a festival we focus upon the major issue- Hashem is redeeming the Jewish People. Indeed, towards people we must protest and endeavor to fix what is necessary. In relation to Hashem we must thank Him, and express gratitude.

I did not hang a black flag this Yom Ha'Atzmaut. One reason was that it should not be misunderstood as mourning for the loss of the Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball team. I do not mean this as a joke; 10,000 people flew to Prague for that. What has happened to us?!

Sanhedrin, 97- Rabi Abahu- there is no clearer sign of the ketz  (end of the exile), then when the Land of Israel gives off her fruit. The redemption may take a long time; however Chazal gave us a sign of the end of the exile. The exile contains two components- Jews residing outside of the Land and the Land being cursed. Nowadays, the fruits are in abundance and Jews are returning to the Land. The center of the Jewish People is clearly in the Land. There is no clearer sign than this; it is obvious to all.

I suggest that we institute the following change. Instead of singing "Ana Hashem, Hoshiua Na"- we must close our eyes and pray to Hashem to save us (this always should have been the case). Nevertheless, subsequent to the prayer we acknowledge Hashem's kindness towards us "Hodu LaShem Ki Tov, Ki Le'olam Chasdo".

This is what is incumbent upon us- begging Hashem to save us and thanking Him for the wonders that he has bestowed upon us.


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