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The Royalty of the Houses of David and of the Chashmonaim

By: Rav Yechezkel Yakovson

The crowns of Priesthood (Kehuna) and Royalty (Malchut) do not dwell  together. Aharon merited the former; King David the latter.

This applies in normal years. The King is entrusted to tend to the material  needs of the nation. The Kohanim are responsible to nurture the spiritual  growth of the Jewish People (yoru mishpatecha leYa'akov vetoratecha  liYisrael).

However, in times of a national identity crisis the two items become  intertwined. The national salvation will not materialize without correcting  the spiritual state. For this reason Matityahu the High Priest, together  with his sons, led the revolt against the Hellenists and established the  monarchy of the House of the Chashmonaim. A Monarchy of Priests- Mamlechet  Kohanim- was necessary to regain the requisite Jewish and National identity  (According to the Ramban in Parshat Vayechi the Chashmonaim acted  improperly- for the monarchy is entrusted to the tribe of Judah. Yet, the  words of the Rambam in the beginning of Hilchot Chanukah do not concur to  this thesis).


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