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The Ladder of Yaakov- Dream or Reality?

By: Rav Yechezkel Yakovson

In transit towards Haran, Yaakov dreamed of a "ladder that stood on the  earth and whose highest point reached the heavens".

Perhaps this unique ladder represents Yaakov himself. On one hand, he  dwelled in tents (yoshev ohalim)- Yaakov's head was involved in lofty  intellectual pursuit. Yet, the ladder was entrenched in the ground. Yaakov  was forced to confront the complicated situations that abound in this world.

Yaakov was subject to the decree to endure an exile; far removed from his  father's home. Yet, precisely in such an environment he established and  built the House of Israel.

In the estate of Lavan, the prototypical swindler and unscrupulous  businessman, Yaakov displayed honesty and dedication. While guarding the  flocks of Lavan, Yaakov was subject to extreme heat during days, bitter cold  at night and rarely slept. Each difficulty and test was utilized by Yaakov  as a springboard to attain additional spiritual heights. Indeed, he wrestled  with angels and men and was victorious.

Even if one is not physically in the Torah tents of Shem, all opportunities  to sanctify the Name of Hashem must be capitalized upon. Be it in the IDF or  the workforce, each difficulty is to be approached as a challenge and as a  ladder to climb on to reach exalted heights.


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