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A Struggle For The Generations

By: Rav Yoel Amital
ram in Yeshivat Sha'alvim

All of our forefathers confronted wicked individuals. Avraham dealt with the  citizens of Sodom, Yitzchak was in contact with Avimelech (pure, he was not)  and Yaakov engaged Esav. The home of Yaakov was created in connection with  this struggle. We wonder- how could Yitzchak have made such a colossal  mistake, intending to bequeath the blessings to Esav?

A cursory glance at the conclusion of the sedrah reveals that the issue is  not so clear. Prior to the journey of Yaakov to Padan Aram , Yitzchak  blesses him as follows: "And may He give the blessing of Avraham to you and  to your descendants, to inherit the land of your dwelling, that was G-d gave  to Avraham". This passage was not included in the blessings that Yitzchak  intended to confer upon Esav. Thus, it is apparent that Yitzchak always  viewed Yaakov as the continuation of the legacy of Avraham. If so, what was  the intention of Yitzchak?

Yitzchak intended to establish a partnership between Esav (the practical  son) and Yaakov (the scholarly dweller of tents). Each would assume  responsibility for a specific task. Esav would concern himself with the  national and economic needs of the Jewish People, while Yaakov would focus  upon education and spiritual matters. All of these items are vital for the  Jewish Nation and would be tended to by the brothers in their natural  spheres of activity.

Rivkah, however, was aware that Yaakov and Esav were destined to form two  separate nations (as she was informed during her pregnancy). The Jewish  People must contain within itself men of Torah and men of action. Yaakov, a  man of purity who toiled in Torah, must raise children equipped to conquer  this physical world and infuse it with spiritual content.

From our entrance on the world scene, we have struggled with wicked  adversaries. "A nation that will dwell alone". All partnerships with the  nations of the world are destined to fail. Apparently, the descendants of  Avraham will not work in tandem until the arrival of the Mashiach.


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