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Formation of The Nation- Part I

By: Rav Moshe Ganz
Ram in Yeshivat Sha'alvim

The Thought of Rav Kook, conveyed by Rav Moshe Ganz, ram in Yeshivat Sha'alvim (edited by Mr. Moshe Miller).

Two types of apparently distinct ideas abound; spiritual ideas and national  ideas. The former find expression in the thoughts and expression of man;  they engage exalted concepts. In contrast, national concepts find expression  in groups of individuals uniting around ideals that are manifested in  day-to-day life.

Some nations are united by their spiritual aspirations. Other peoples find  their common denominator in national pursuits- a sense of connection based  upon bonds amongst the people themselves.

Rav Kook teaches that spiritual aspirations enable peoples to unite. Thus  nations are truly formed. Subservience to spiritual goals enables  individuals to submit to blend into the collective (klal) and to be willing  to sacrifice for communal goals. At times spiritual ideals are manifested in  this world in a debased state of idolatry (such as the Kemosh god of Moav);  these perverted ideals also transfer individuals into a nation.

Subsequent to the formation of a nation, the national elements of a people  may attempt to disengage from its' spiritual goal. When a nation develops in  all spheres, it may feel that the spiritual bonds that generated its'  formation, are no longer relevant. Thus a nation loses its' soul.

The progression of events is predictable.  The nation loses its' inner  fortitude and the individual aspirations carry the day. The power of the  community has eroded; all what remains is the refrain "what can I receive  from the State, what is in it for me?"

At times it appears that the Jewish People has reached the sorry state of  losing its' spiritual ideals. Be'ezrat Hashem, next week we will engage this  issue.


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