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Da Ma LeHashiv - Unanswered Prayer

By: Rav Moshe Ganz

Question: Why-at certain times- do prayers go unanswered?

Answer: In essence, the above question is part of a larger question. How does the Holy One, Blessed Be He, manage the world? Why are matters accomplished in such a fashion, as opposed to another fashion? Obviously, a human being is not equipped to supply a detailed explanation of this topic.

In a general sense, we know that Hashem is truly good and assists all facets of the creation. The Divine operation intends to enhance and elevate the creation and all therein. All historical occurrences are operated by Him, and all responses are intended to advance the G-dly plan for this world.

Frequently we do not comprehend the specifics of Hashem's operation of the world. At times we are even amazed. Our belief, however, is not affected at all. We are aware of the limits of our understanding and our inability to view occurrences with the proper perspective.

Prayer is one of the functions that Hashem established in this world. First and foremost, it is the effort of the individual. Prayer expresses our belief that the entire existence is in the hands of Hashem. There is reason to request from Him to improve difficult situations, and thus one prays.

Hashem listens to prayer. Yet, He has never promised to execute all of our wishes. The prayers enter the sum total of the Divine operation. It has brought to fruition a positive spiritual force and revealed human desire to better the state of the world. These actions are not for naught, and indeed do make a difference in the Divine reckoning of the world. However, prayer is not the only factor in this reckoning.


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