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Written Shiurim

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Title (Lang ) Writer Category
Text Shiur Vayeitzei - Yaakov’s Kiss (English) Rav Yonatan Kohn Parshat Shavua > Vayetze
Text Shiur Light and Darkness: Cause and Effect (English) Rav Rafi Rosenblum Parshat Shavua > Miketz
Text Shiur A Reason for Anti-Semitism? (English) Rav Reuven Ungar Parshat Shavua > Vayishlach
Text Shiur Parshat Ki Tisa: The Luchot - Compiled by Adena Muskin (English) Adena Muskin Parshat Shavua > Ki Tisa
Text Shiur And Nothing But a Part of the Truth? (English) Mrs. Nili Turetsky Parshat Shavua > Tazria Metzora
Text Shiur Why Prove it When You Can Live it (English) Rav Jason Knapel Parshat Shavua > Vaera
Text Shiur Asara B’Tevet – Missed Opportunities (English) Rav Dovid Abrahamowitz Chagim > Asara B'Tevet
Text Shiur The State of the Jewish People (English) Rav Reuven Ungar Parshat Shavua > Yitro
Text Shiur The Roots of Lashon Hara (English) Sarah Hirsch ('08) Parshat Shavua > Tazria
Text Shiur The Ner Tamid and the Shulchan in Emor (English) Parshat Shavua > Emor
Text Shiur Be Holy (English) Parshat Shavua > Kedoshim
Text Shiur Why Here? Why Now? (English) Adena Muskin (08) Parshat Shavua > Acharei Mot
Text Shiur Positive Environments (English) Talia Rona (SFW ‘09) Parshat Shavua > Vayechi
Text Shiur Nigei Batim (English) Alexis Levy ('08) Parshat Shavua > Metzora
Text Shiur Nadav & Aviyhu: What Did They Do Wrong? - Compiled by Adena Muskin (SFW 08) (English) Parshat Shavua > Shmini
Text Shiur The Real Sin of Nadav and Avihu (English) Denise Zami (SFW 08) Parshat Shavua > Shmini
Text Shiur Parshat Tzav: The Uniqueness of Parshat Tzav (English) Parshat Shavua > Tzav
Text Shiur Ca’as and Purim (English) Elinor Solomon (SFW 08) Chagim > Purim
Text Shiur Parshat Tzav and Purim: Giving (English) Karen Steinberger (SFW 08) Chagim > Purim
Parshat Shavua > Purim
Text Shiur Seudat Amen (English) Ilana Yablonovich (SFW 08) Miscellaneous > General