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Sefarim to Bring

The following is a list of sefarim that you will certainly need this coming year. If you have favorites from home, bring them; if not, we would recommend buying them once you arrive as sefarim can be very heavy!

  • Tanach
  • Chumash with Rashi (preferably Mikraot Gedolot)
  • Siddur for weekdays and Shabbat
  • Machzorim for the Yamim Noraim
  • Mishna Brura

All other sefarim that are specific to the shiurim you sign up for – and those sefarim you choose to learn with your chavrutot – will be readily available in Israel. As a service to you, we invite a sefarim store to come to SFW during the first few weeks of school to make available the sefarim you will need.