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On Campus

Miriam Shwedel (Eym Bayit)

Mrs. Tali Ifra (Rakezet - Shana Bet) studied in Michlelet Mevaseret Yerushalayim for two year post high school after which she earned a degree in Judaic Studies from Stern College. Before making aliyah, she taught in Ramaz Lower School. Tali is currently pursuing a degree in education from Azrieli Graduate School. She has taught in MMY and currently lives with her family in Yerushalayim.

Rachel Aviner (Rakezet) is a recent graduate of the Michlala in Yerushalayim, with a double major in Tanach-Toshba. In addition to learning Limudei Kodesh in several Midrashot, she has been teaching Torah in both informal and formal settings for many years. Some past experiences include touring Israel on The Jerusalem Journey with public high-school kids, being a madricha at both Machon Maayan and Tiferet, teaching grade 4 girls Parshat Hashavua, at Ayelet Hashachar, and participating in the BMP at Moshava Ba'ir, NJ. Rachel resides in Yerushalayim with her husband and baby girl.

Shani Sicherman (Rakezet) an alumnae of Shaalvim for Women, made aliyah from Detroit, Michigan in 2007. She attended Bar Ilan University, where she received a BA in Special Education and Jewish History as well as a Teudat Hora'ah in Special Education. She has previously taught in the Israeli school system and at Michlelet Mevaseret Yerushalayim. Shani currently lives in Yerushalayim with her husband and baby daughter.

Atara Feinberg (Rakezet)

Avigayil Teller (Rakezet)

Shanie Warman (Rakezet)

Sophie Golding (Madricha)

Ayala Kurlander (Madricha)

Leah Safrin (Madricha)

Aviah Saltzman (Madricha) was born and raised in Chicago (Lincolnwood) IL. She learned at Midreshet Harova for a year and then continued her education at Stern College for Women where she earned her Bachelor's degree in education. She is now making Aliyah and will continue her studies in Israel.