Facilities & Services

SFW is located in the beautiful Malcha neighborhood of Yerushalayim. Fully equipped to serve our students, we provide comfortable dormitory rooms each with a private bathroom and kitchenette. We have a fantastic sefarim filled Beit Midrash, spacious classrooms, a Chader Ochel with a gorgeous view of Yerushalayim, and other wonderful amenities. We are minutes away from a super market and a cafe. SFW is located just a brief walk from the Malcha Mall and the Jerusalem train station. There is a Shul down the block that happily welcomes our students and faculty. Our building houses all of our first and second year students, Madrichot, Eim and Av bayit, and Shabbat guests.

Food - SFW provides three balanced and nutritious (and delicious!) meals daily. In addition, each dormitory room is equipped with its own refrigerator and kitchenette. Microwaves and toasters are available in the Chader Ochel for student use.

Laundry - SFW has coin operated laundry machines and dryers available for students use.  In addition, dry cleaning services are conveniently located a block away from SFW.

Medical Care - In order to provide you with the best medical care possible, Sha'alvim for Women has an upgraded medical insurance plan enabling our students to make an appointment and visit a private doctor when she feels it is necessary. In the event of an emergency, chas v'shalom, our students will be escorted by a madricha and/or our Eym Bayit to Terem (the local medical clinic). In the event that hospitalization is required, students are covered under their US insurance policies. Needless to say, we will be in constant communication with your parents in the event of any emergency.

Visa Renewal - At SFW we realize that renewing your visa can be a time consuming and sometimes complicated process. In order to insure that our students can focus on their learning and growth we have assumed responsibility for visa renewal.